• 2024/7/21
North khorasan University of Medical Sciences

In the meeting of signing a memorandum of understanding between NKUMS and Kardan Sharq Institute of Afghanistan, Dr. shahinfar, NKUMS chancellor mentioned the capacities of the university including student and faculty members exchange, short courses and research projects and said: signing this MoU is one of our plans to strengthen academic ties with 57 Islamic countries.

On July 10, 2023 in a meeting with Dr. Ishaqzi, president of Kardan Sharq Institute, Dr. Shahinfar said: we have implemented a package of measures aimed at facilitating and strengthening academic ties with 112 universities of 57 countries and this MoU will be put into practice aiming at the same.



Pointing at shared values and cultural unity of Iran and Afghanistan, NKUMS chancellor said: To pursue our purposes we will spare no efforts to broaden ties with Afghanistan and we hope to provide a platform for more scientific and research cooperation.


Shahinfar explained NKUMS plans for internationalization and virtualization of the university and stated: In addition to education and research, NKUMS is ready to collaborate with Afghanistan universities in the areas of health and treatment.


He added: being blessed with expert and experienced professors in a considerable number of majors, there is the capacity to start academic and educational collaboration with Kardan Institute.


Dr. Ishaqzi, expressed his happiness for being at NKUMS and starting cooperation and said: Iran and Afghanistan have a long common history. We hope that signing this MoU paves the way for Afghan students to start or continue their education in Iranian universities and we appreciate NKUMS for doing so.


This ceremony was held with the efforts of Department of Public Relations & International Affairs of NKUMS. After the ceremony, the delegation payed a visit to School of Nursing and Virtual and Electronic Education Center of NKUMS.















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