• 2019/11/15
North khorasan University of Medical Sciences

Health Tourism


Health Tourism

Iran is a country with a pleasant climate and brilliant history where has always been of interest to tourists. While ski resorts full of snow are welcome athletes in the winter on its Zagros and Alborz Mountain range, swimmers and interested people are engaged in water sports on its southern coast including Kish Island.

These attractions along with the historical and religious attractions, the most important of which is the presence of the luminous shrine of the eighth Imam of the Shiites of the world in Mashhad, have made Iran as one of the most important tourist destinations. Among these, the country's rich history, its medical history included has made Iran one of the leading countries of the world both in traditional and modern medicine. There may be less people who has not heard the name of Hakim Abu Ali Sina (Avicenna) and his eternal works.

In the field of modern medicine, it is also possible to perform simple surgeries to more complex operations such as open-heart surgery and organ transplantation in the medical centers of the country.

The Ministry of Health and Medical Education of Iran as the trustee of medical treatment in the country tries to provide a suitable platform for treatment of patients referred from other countries while monitoring the process of providing health services. In this regard, the ministry has identified hospitals licensed for foreign patient admission by granting an IPD certificate while evaluating and accrediting more than 900 hospitals in the country. In addition, a number of Iranian hospitals have also been succeeded to gain international credential documents.

Some of the most important performed surgeries and treatments are:

  1. Coronary angiography and angioplasty,

  2. Plastic surgery including rhinoplasty and abdominal surgery (Abdominoplasty),

  3. Implanting prosthodontics,

  4. Orthopedic surgeries such as knee surgery,

  5. Types of heart surgery including valve replacement,

  6. IVF,

  7. Dentistry services,

  8. Bone marrow and cornea transplantation,

  9. Hairtransplantation,

  10. Eye and eyelid surgeries

  11. Long term monitoring





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