• 2024/7/21
North khorasan University of Medical Sciences

In the ceremony of unveiling the poster and the website of ICSP, NKUMS Chancellor emphasized strengthening of science diplomacy in health and said: achieving this goal requires international activities and the congress is planned to fulfil this requirement.

In the ceremony of unveiling the poster and the website of ICSP, which will be held by NKUMS this November, Dr. Shahinfar said: Getting involved in international activities and using all the capacities to strengthen health diplomacy, are two basic strategies of NKUMS to be among leading universities of the country.


He reckoned joining of NKUMS to CINVU as one of the potentials which in addition to benefiting from scientific developments and leaps of other countries, lets NKUMS share its scientific and national progresses with other universities.


NKUMS Chancellor emphasized informing about the progresses and scientific actions of students and faculty members is important and said: these actions must be well reflected in order to raise hope in the young generation of the society.


Dr. Shahinfar declared that in the global village where all the superpowers are focusing today, it is the use of modern technologies and equipment that makes a different. Therefore, we need to move toward the same and in order to achieve our purposes, we demand plans that helps the youth to remain hopeful and all the authorities and universities are responsible for this.  


NKUMS engagement in international activities


Dr. Najafi, CINVU Secretary General, considered young and diligent faculty members and colleagues of NKUMS as strength of the university and said: we are delighted that NKUMS is now a member of CINVU, owing to the fact that nowadays we should use all our capacities in the national and international arena to commercialize science, knowledge and scientific diplomacy.


He admired Dr. Shahinfar’s tact and alertness for joining CINVU and expressed that: As Imam Khomeini, the first supreme leader of Iran told, universities shape the future of the country. Therefore, today, the elites and academicians are a major capacity for the future of the country.


He uttered: 57 Islamic countries are members of CINVU and the secretary general is granted to Iran. CINVU, a member of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), strives for all-round promotion of infrastructures of the member countries. After the United Nations, OIC is considered the largest international organization for Islamic countries.


Stating that Iran owns a top grade among the countries of Persian Gulf region in advanced treatment technologies and equipment, Dr. Najafi added: Iran advancements in the field of medical sciences centered on medical sciences universities led to obtaining the secretary general of CINVU.


CINVU Secretary General pointing out that 14 different systems were created and developed for education, research and other purposes of this network stated: before covid-19 pandemic only 8 million students were studying virtually, while after the pandemic 55 million students benefited from virtual education.


He expressed hope that NKUMS could engage in international activities and using its capacities, create a strong health diplomacy.


It is worth mentioning that at the end of this meeting, the poster and the website of “The 1st International Congress on Sustainable Population and Secure Future” and “The 2nd Festival of Art in Midwifery”, hosted by NKUMS, were unveiled.

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