• 2024/7/21
North khorasan University of Medical Sciences

NKUMS and CINVU sign a memorandum of understanding to collaborate in holding the 1st International Congress on Sustainable Population & Secure Future and the 2nd Festival of Art in Midwifery.

The MoU, signed by Dr. Najafi, CINVU Secretary General, and Dr. Shahinfar, NKUMS Chancellor, aims at identifying the capabilities of the parties in developing and expanding joint cooperation, exchanging knowledge and experiences through articles and works related to the topics of the congress and cooperation in holding educational workshops, conferences, etc.


As the Congress chairperson, Dr. Shahinfar, stated that cooperation with CINVU paves the way for NKUMS to expand international collaboration and demonstrate its abilities.


In this meeting, CINVU Secretary General expressed his contentment with the congress and conveyed his message to the congress. He also said that the topic of the congress and use of language of art are two strengths of this congress and benefiting from the youth and also best practices of other countries can lead to the success and achievement of the goals of this congress.


Pointing out that everyone should feel responsible for rejuvenation of the population as supreme leader emphasized, Dr. Najafi clarified that other higher education institutes and universities should accompany the organizer and using art, media and collective intelligence, contribute to the achievement of the goals of the congress.


Dr. Bahram Bibak, NKUMS Vice-Chancellor for Research and Technology and also the congress secretary general, emphasized NKUMS efforts to move towards acquiring new sciences and technologies and being among the leading universities of the country.


He said: Although this university is small in terms of physical space, but having young faculty members, it has big thoughts and is optimistic and energetic in its efforts to achieve its superb goals.


He continued that the development of the country depends on a stable population, therefore, NKUMS planned for holding the 1st International Congress on Sustainable Population and Secure Future and the 2nd Festival of Art in Midwifery.


Dr. Zohreh Abbasi, Scientific Secretary of the congress, stating the congress topics and website, mentioned that making use of the window of demographic opportunity, creating public discourse, culture-building for rejuvenation of population and childbearing are the most important purposes of this congress.

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