• 2024/7/21
North khorasan University of Medical Sciences

In line with the development of the university's international cooperation, a video conference meeting was held between Dr. Shahinfar, representative of the COMSTECH Islamic Network on Virtual Universities (CINVU) in North Khorasan, with the president of Kardan Sharq Institute of Herat, Afghanistan.

Dr. Shahinfar said: NKUMS is becoming the center of cell therapy in the northeast of the country, and high-tech equipment are provided in the province.


He continued: NKUMS researchers are working on the project and it is suggested that the two universities start collaboration in this field.


Dr. Shahinfar called for strong cooperation between these two universities specially in the field of education and academic affairs.


Considering that Iran and Afghanistan have a lot in common including culture and religion, Dr. Shahifar stated: The use of this capacity can be effective in the interaction of the two universities.


He added: A memorandum of understanding has been proposed to Kardan University, and once it is finalized, effective steps can be taken.


Dr. Safiullah Ishaqzai, Kardan Sharq Institute of Health president also emphasized that the interactions between Iran and Afghanistan as two neighbors are very important and stated: common border, religion, political issues made Iran and Afghanistan develop an unbreakable relation. He added: Cell therapy is one of the most promising treatments in the world and we need to benefit this method as well.


He also added that NKUMS programs in the fields of long-term and short-term education are significant and through an agreement, we can do more detailed planning.

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