• 2024/6/18
North khorasan University of Medical Sciences

Office of Medical Supplies and Equipment


Mr. Hassan Sohrabi


Missions & Goals

Being aware of the relation between prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases with medical supplies and equipment, Office of Medical Supplies and Equipment is responsible for supervision on supply, use and application of qualified, safe, health, effective, and available medical supplies and equipment.

The most important services of this office include:

  1. Supervision on and evaluation of medical, dental and laboratory equipment, issuing required certifications for applicants in different areas of product, import, export, distribution, supply and suggesting plans and rules and regulations in the above mentioned areas and reviewing them.

  2. Planning for evaluation and performance modification of the people involved in medical supplies and equipment

  3. Issuing business licenses and work permit to the companies and individuals involved in the field of medical supplies and equipment (producers, importers, exporters, suppliers and …)

  4. Supervision on prices, distribution, supply, application and maintenance of medical supplies and equipment

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