• 2024/6/18
North khorasan University of Medical Sciences

Mission, Vision & Goals



Promoting scientific researches and recognizing the characteristics of natural products and medical plants accurately and introducing the best clinical use of them.   


By expanding applied research activities related to the natural products and medical plants, this research center tries to be a model for other research centers and be recognized as the main hub for natural products and medical plants researches in the country.


  • To expand and apply human knowledge in the field of natural products and medical plants,

  • To produce and introduce a drug of natural origin

  • To produce and introduce three products related to food industry

  • To present more than 5 pure samples of natural compounds

  • Improving quality of research projects and papers that are published by the center and for the purpose of production of a product

  • Holding workshops according to the educational and research capabilities of the center

  • Contracting MoUs with other research centers and universities of the country for performing joint research projects

  • Creating a database for medical plants of North Khorasan

  • Motivating academic members of the schools to improve their cooperation with the center

  • Establishing effective communication with pharmaceutical industries of the country in order to establish startups with the orientation of medical plants

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