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Health Tourism, North Khorasan

If you want to travel abroad for medical care, what do you think about? What are the most important factors affecting your decision?

Yearly, lots of people travel to other countries to receive medical treatments. Most of the patients choose a country in which they can have several pleasant experiences together; professional medical services, lower price, tourism attractions and easy access.

Here in Iran, and in Bojnourd, we provide all the factors you expect. Bojnourd is the capital city of North Khorasan province which is located in the northeast of Iran. Excellent weather of the province lets you experience a cool weather during the year. You can enjoy sightseeing in safety and try traditional foods of North Khorasan. There are lots of natural gardens and parks, where you can rest and get familiar with the lifestyle of people as you are staying in North Khorasan.

North Khorasan has several hospitals among which 3 of them admit international patients as well. Bentolhoda Women Hospital and Imam Hassan hospital in Bojnourd and Hashemi Rafsanjani Hospital in Shirvan have received IPD certificate which demonstrates the high standard capacity of them for admission of international patients. 

We offer you a wide range of medical services in our hospitals. Please take a few minutes to find more about each hospital; You can also visit these websites: 


Bentolhoda Hospital

Imam Hassan Hospital

Hashemi Rafsanjani Hospital



Bentolhoda Hospital

Bentolhoda Women Hospital was established in 1967. It has 156 active beds and consists of Emergency, NICU, Gynecology Surgery, Central Operating Rooms, Neonatal, VIP, Obstetrics and Gynecology wards. And recently Betolhoda Hospital offers infertility treatment services to infertile couples.

Treatment Departments in Bentolhoda Hospital:


Obstetric Ward (LDR1, LDR2)

Gynecology Ward

Neonatal Ward

Neonatal Intensive Care Ward

Central Operating Room

VIP- Gynecology Surgery Ward





Active Capital Equipment:

Portable and Dystosial Radiology


Eco Cardiography


Medical Packages:





Imam Hassan Hospital 

Imam Hasan specialized and subspecialized hospital is affiliated with North Khorasan University of Medical Sciences. This hospital was inagurated by the Minister of Health  in 1396. Imam Hassan Hospital, having 320 beds and 9 floors, is currently the most important specialized hospital in the province and is the most visited hospital in comparison with other hospitals in the province.

Specialties available at the hospital

Gastroenterologist and liver specialist
Lung specialist, asthma and allergy
Department of Rheumatology
Neural Medicine
Cardiovascular specialty
Infectious specialty
Specialty and Eye Fellowship
ENT Surgical Specialty
Specialty and Fellowship of Urology
Specialty and Flu orthopedic chap
Specialty radiology, ultrasound
Nephrology Specialist
Pathology Specialty
Clinical Pharmacologist

Para Clinics

Laboratories (pathology, cytology, microbiology, hematology) Imaging unit (CT scan, radiology, ultrasound) endoscopy, exercise test, EKG, echocardiography, physiotherapy


Urology, heart, endocrine, neurology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, internal medicine, digestion, infectious diseases

Hashemi Rafsanjani Hospital 


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