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North khorasan University of Medical Sciences

Mission, Vision & Goals



Mission, Vision & Goals



Office of Vice-Chancellor for Research & Technology of NKUMS as one of the universities of 9th zone of the country, taking advantage of its committed professional capable academic members and by training qualified devoted students, strives for meeting the needs of the society. It also takes over the Research and Technological leadership of the university by policy-making, planning, executing, leading, supervising and evaluating advanced research and technology.

This office intends to promote the level of medical knowledge of the society by educating medical experts and support for researchers, students and academic members.



NKUMS Office of Vice-Chancellor for Research & Technology aims at gaining a position among the three best universities in the zone-9 of the country, relying on the support of its academic members, staff and students using advanced teaching and research technologies, fostering inter-sectional collaboration and providing an innovative and creative atmosphere.



  • Implementing overall policies and acts of Deputy for Research & Technology of Ministry of Health
  • Empowerment of researchers and enhancement of research and technology in the university and province
  • Supervising the implementation of research activities in schools and research centers
  • Leading, planning, supervising and evaluating research activities in schools and research centers
  • Promoting academic members' skills in research and clinical fields in order to improve their efficiency and effectiveness 
  • Taking advantage of results of the researches and advanced technologies for resolving problems and promoting health in society
  • Fostering local, national and international relations and collaborations
  • Policy-making and integrated planning for quality improvement and promotion of statistics and informatics of the university
  • Supporting research centers and establishing and developing research institutes
  • Organizing Basic and practical researches considering ethics in research
  • Optimizing research budgets for improvement of quality and quantity of researches and supporting researchers
  • Developing Incubator Centre and supporting research projects of researchers in health sector
  • Establishing Office of Industry and Science Relations and supporting industry-oriented researches
  • Supporting students’ research committee for training researchers and promoting research
  • Supporting students’ product-oriented projects which are derived from the needs of university and province
  • Holding seminars and congresses in order to advance the knowledge of students, staff and academic members


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