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North khorasan University of Medical Sciences




About North Khorasan University of Medical Sciences (NKUMS)

North Khorasan province was established after Khorasan province was divided into three provinces in 2004. Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education appointed Dr. Mohammad Ali Soltani as the head of School of Public Health, Nursing & Midwifery of the province in 2005.

Five months later on September 19th, 2005, by receiving the final approval of Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, School of Medicine of the province was established and Dr. Javad Shahinfar was appointed as the head of school.

 In 2008 final approval for establishment of School of Public Health and School of Medicine was granted to the province. Imam Ali Hospital and Imam Reza hospital turned to teaching hospitals and finally the School of Medicine was promoted to University of Medical Sciences. Finally, in May 16th 2008 by the ratification of Council for the Development of Medical Sciences’ Universities of the country, the university was entitled as North Khorasan University of Medical Sciences (NKUMS). Dr. Mohammadreza Majdi was appointed as the Chancellor of the university and Deputy to the Minister of Health in the province in 2011.

By reorganization of the university and changes that were made to the first established school, NKUMS now offers 22 fields within seven schools namely School of Public Health, Nursing, Medicine, Dentistry, Esfarayen School of Medical Sciences, Shirvan Health Higher Education Center and Mane-o-Semelqan Medical Emergencies Center.

Having 6 vice-chancelleries, 8 health centers and networks and 10 hospitals, under the leadership of Dr. Javad Shahinfar, as the chancellor of the university, NKUMS covers the healthcare needs of the North Khorasan population.

Board of Trustees of the university which was primarily joint with Sabzevar and Gonabad University, was established independently in 2007.

The logo of NKUMS is a unique sign, which is a symbol of religion, culture, and history of medical sciences, has been approved and used since 2005.

Esfarayen Health Center was promoted to Esfarayen School of Medical Sciences and was separated from NKUMS in 2014.



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