• 2023/3/31
North khorasan University of Medical Sciences

It is recommended to use glycerin and creamy soaps to prevent eczema and dry skin caused by frequent hand washing.

According to Webda, a dermatologist and Nkums faculty member said: “Currently, most people experience skin problems such as dryness and eczema due to corona preventive care and frequent hand washing with soap and water and the use of disinfectants.”

Dr. Hamid Sooragi noted that People with drier skin are more likely to have skin problems than others. He added: “Due to the fact that oily skin absorbs more pollution, it is necessary and recommended to use moisturizing creams more when the person is at home.”

“Frequent washing of hands with soap may cause cracks in the skin, and in this case, the entry of germs into the skin is easily possible, which is not the case with corona” he said. He also recommended to use tepid water to wash your hands, as cold water can cause dryness and hot water can cause skin damage.

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