• 2023/3/31
North khorasan University of Medical Sciences

From November, admission of international patients in Hashemi Rafsanjani and Bentolhoda Women’s Hospital is possible.

NKUMS’ Chancellor announced that form November on, healthcare services are offered to international patients in the hospitals of North Khorasan. “Tariffs for admission of international patients are different from local patients, who are always in priority for receiving healthcare and treatment services”, Dr. Hashemi added. He also noted that we are aiming at signing contracts with tourism agencies for marketing of our services in other countries specially our neighbor countries.

Dr. Hashemi mentioned that Ophthalmology surgeries, Urology, general surgeries and some of gynecological surgeries such as hysterectomy are offered in Hashemi Rafsanjani Hospital; and neonatal and gynecological surgeries are offered in Bentolhoda Hospital

He also informed that infertility treatment services will be offered in Bentolhoda infertility department as soon as it is inaugurated.


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