• 2023/3/31
North khorasan University of Medical Sciences

NKUMS is delivering healthcare services to people in the first days of new year.

At the beginning of Nowruz 1398, the Persian New Year, (January2019), North Khorasan University of Medical Sciences (NKUMS) staff are working to provide travellers and local people with the best medical services.
Chancellor of NKUMS, along with the delegation and the visiting group, visited hospitals and various  medical centers of North Khorasan province in order to carry the happy new year message to the medical teams and staff who were working and visit the departments delivering services. 
Currently, all health centers are carrying out their duties and the emergency departments of the province are ready to respond to possible incidents in Nowruz.
The NKUMS' Chancellor, Dr. Ali Hagibin, said in a sentence:
"Health unit has no vacation and rest" which shows the importance of health staff works during the first days of the new year. 
Happy Nowrouz.

Produced by Davood Niyazi (The NKUMS' Office of Vice-Chancellor for Treatment)
Edited by Sahar Mohamadiyan


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