• 2024/6/18
North khorasan University of Medical Sciences

Vector-Borne Diseases (Zoonoses) Research Center



Vector-Borne Diseases (Zoonoses) Research Center is one of the five research centers of the NKUMS which studies the zoonotic disease (common diseases between human and animals). The research center started its activity in 2011. Being supported by the NKUMS Office of Vice-Chancellor for Research and Technology and researchers of the center, VBD Research Center is prepared for accepting research projects and cooperation with researcher all over the country.  


Title of Some of Research Projects

  1. Design, construction and calibration of dual-channel air sampling pump with programmable timer

  2. Study on the infectivity ticks to CCHF virus by RT-PCR method in North Khorasan (Khorasan shomali) provinces / Tehran

  3. Fauna and Monthly Activity of Sand Flies at Zoonotic Cutaneous Leishmanianisis Focus in Qomrooddistrict of Qom Province in 2009


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