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Units of Central Lab

Central Research Laboratory consists of a general lab and three specialty labs, namely, molecular genetics, cell culture and histotechnical lab.

General Lab

Devices and equipment like centrifuge, bain marie, weighing scale, pH meter, optical microscope, vortex, etc., which are used simultaneously and in different research projects are located. There is also a washing system for cleaning the appliances of the lab.


Molecular Genetics Unit

This unit is equipped with equipment related to molecular genetics such as Real Time PCR, PCR, gel documentation, vertical and horizontal electrophoresis, refrigerated laboratory centrifuge, Freezers, etc. In this section, there is the opportunity to perform various types of molecular techniques, including the study of demographic polymorphisms and the study of the level of gene expression involved in genetic diseases. 


Cell Culture Unit

Laminar hood, CO2 incubator, inverted microscope, fluorescence microscope, LN2 tank, centrifuge and freezers are a few of the equipment of this specialty unit. Some of the activities (experiments) that can be performed in this unit include generating large amounts of matched cells, freezing cells and thawing them, studying the effects of drugs and herbs on cells without the need for living creatures, toxicological tests, etc. which can be performed in the framework of students thesis and research projects.


Histotechnical Lab

This unit is equipped with microtome, stereomicroscope, incubator, tissue floating bath, hood and other facilities. The main activity of this unit is tissue preparation for microscopical studies. The most popular way of studying tissues is to prepare histological sections and various slides in a way that can be studied with optical microscopes. It is also possible to do all kinds of cell staining and perform histochemical experiments.

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