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North khorasan University of Medical Sciences

Office of Continuous Medical Education



Office of Continuous Medical Education


Advancement of sciences makes it inevitable to upgrade our knowledge in different fields. Developed countries design continuous education systems to protect and promote knowledge in the field of medical education and new initiatives are undertaken to complete it, in a way that continuous professional education has moved TOWARD continuous medical education (CME).

Office of Continuous Medical Education was codified and adopted with the aim of enhancing the knowledge level, upgrading medical skills, optimizing of health and treatment services to the country, and reaching required efficient standards of the medical services according to the requirements of the society.

The NKUMS Office of Continuous Medical Education was established in 2000 and organized its first program, Pulmonary and tuberculosis, for general practitioners. In 2008, this office was separated from EDC and continued its activity independently and under the supervision of Dr. Rouhandeh.

Dr. Raziyeh Nouri is the current director of CME.



General goals of the of the office of Continuous Medical Education include enforcing of the rules of Iranian office of CME, promoting level of knowledge, enhancing skills, optimizing healthcare services, and achieving efficient healthcare standards according to the needs of the society that are pursued through the was listed below:

  1. Enhancing scientific and technical knowledge and professional skills of the subjects of law

  2. Upgrading medical knowledge of the subjects of law in order to make them familiar with the latest knowledge related to their profession and conforming them to the needs of the society

  3. To familiarize medical community with the policies, guidelines and priorities of healthcare services of the country and get them involved in the activities

  4. Strengthening and consolidating the lessons learned

  5. Familiarizing the medical community with the efficient and ideal standards for healthcare services and medical allied profession



Conducting a needs assessment of subjects of continuous education

Planning and developing programs

Inviting academic members and coordination with them for holding continuous education courses

Registering participants in the continuous education system

Running the programs and monitoring them

Issuing the certificate of participation

Issuing final 5-year certification




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